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 Hello guys
have you heard about new discovery of the amphipolis tomb in Greece?
 It's a new great archeological discovery of these days. There are rumors that it might be the tomb of the Alexander the great. isn't it exciting?  
 The new marvelous statues and the mosaic that the archeologist discovered are unique in beauty and design for a tomb of Macedonia. Such a variety of style and majesty has never been discovered in any other tomb of Macedonia. I feel extremely inspired of the story and the architecture of the tomb, and there is hope that there is so much more that the this tomb might be hiding.  
 When they first announced of the round tomb, I said wow this is something new. And then they found the entrance with two headless sphinxes. After that the two caryatids came to light, I couldn't believe it, such a beauty and detail on that statues, just like the caryatids of the parthenon. And after that a great mosaic with the abduction of Persefone came to light. Unbelievable and incredible combination of art of that days civilization. To combine all that art in one tomb for one person must have been very special. And finally the discovery of the dead that was burried there. He definitely was someone great and beloved by the people to be burried with such an honour and greatness. Too bad that the tomb was robbed and no priceless artifact has found so far. I hope that one day we know who the dead was. 
 If you have any thoughts and stories to share you can comment below, and for more info you can search the net about Amfipoli and Alexander the Great.…
Hey guys
I've been a long time silent, too much work :)
Now  I can finally show you some of the work that I did for this project in my gallery. It's a huge project with a lots of great concept  and story. You can check it out here….
You can take part in this  if you like by supporting us on kickstarter and on facebook page…
 Tons of illustrations included in the rule-book  done by me and other artists. Space combats, weapons, vehicles planets, outfits absolutely everything that a story needs to be real and exciting.  
Support us with any way you can, spread the word or back us on kickstarter 

Now I can draw some mermaids :)  Cheers

Era: The Consortium. Space combat by Sophia-M
 Era: The Consortium 3 by Sophia-M
Hey guys!!

I would like to introduce you a new deviantart member. 
He is a new artist and he is also from Greece
So go ahead and give him a warm welcome and love

When the summer is going to come!!!! I want summer!!!
Hey everyone. This awesome project if finally out at Kickstarter
Please share, like and you can even contribute yourself and make this really happen

Melee Combat by Sophia-M  
Fearless by Sophia-M
Happy new year everyone!!

Hello everyone!
My work is getting a great publicity these day because of this article  Have you read it already?
Anyway I just was pretty happy about it and wanted to say thank you to whom chose it :)

 Hey guys!
Long time no see. It's been a busy month, so many have changed in my life, I hope it's all for the best. And I hope you are all well too :) Also I would like to say hello and thank you to all my new watchers, sorry but I don't have the time to thank you all individually.
Also I would like you to help us (our group) and vote for us here…
Just vote for Demogod Studios and ignore everithing else ;) You don't need to register or something, just vote :)
Thank you for the support.

Another great article for you to read…

Do you want to know how it all started? 
 We are just a small group of people who share the same passion. So we created a small company in Greece called Demigod studios and began working on our first game. None of us have any experience in this, but with hard work and a lot of will, we are getting closer to our goal.
 So every week we will publish how we began, from planing to the realization, and you can watch the whole process. 
 Here is the link to our website… and the first part of the work that has been done. Feel free to comment and share. Any support  will make us stronger. 

Hey guys!!
Long time I didn't post anything. I know busy, busy, busy.
I want  to welcome all my new watches, and thank you all for considering me as worth to watch :)
NEWS: I am proud now to announce our new website
where I work as a concept artist so all the artwork of the new upcoming game will be made by me :) So I invite you all to join our small community, make forum post and stay tuned to learn first all about the new game.
PS: I hope I will be able to post some artwork from the game soon
LOGO BioLab by Sophia-M
Thank you all for the wishes, I never thought i would get so many. THank you, love you my friends :heart:
my presents
Breakthrough by In2umniaKillH3r
rose-scented by SilverCurlyART
Fantasy love by MarkOoMarben

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 1:28 PM

Hey guys, sorry for not answering to your messages and comments and not posting any new artworks but as some if you already know I don't have an internet connection these days, and i don't know for how long it will be that way. I hope it will be soon :)


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 8:07 AM

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 8:03 AM

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 8:02 AM


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 5:51 AM

hello to all my new watchers, i tryed to thank you all one by one but failed, time is my enemy.  So thank you.
oh and also you can check out this poll and vote for my work paradiseofartists.deviantart.c…
Bored Vampire by Sophia-M
oh wow and this one too paradiseofartists.deviantart.c…
Mermaid's jewelry by Sophia-M
I can't believe this i've got a DD!! This was a great week.
I won! i'm so happy. thank you all for all the support, and don't forget to let me know when you'll need some help :)
can someone explain to me how it can be, i had a premium membership yesterday for few hours and then it's over, and now it appears again. how strange